Circular Moods, the C chord in the 21st century through a Facebook post

The seminal idea always stood on simplicity and material economy as a starting point. We arrive at the development of the idea based on its inclination, its evolution, which is often conditioned by the current environment and its aspects.

If we add a scenic work to the work of sound, we propose to articulate two instances: the sound material and the sound action.

What makes us think of sound in the scenic setting proposes a doubling of becoming. The idea is projected, within the framework of the idea.

The medium proposes an event that is translated into the sound event. It is the sound and the production of sound.

If the idea develops at the mercy of the sound itself, the sound event is not contemplated. It is reflected only in the course of the execution.

Pitch notation according to tradition or convention does not presuppose timbral quality. The texture of the sound cannot be written, it needs the sound fact. Interpreting leads to a renewal of sound, to a timbral creation. Creation upon creation. What comes first?