Piano Lessons


I work with traditional and modern material, aiming to forge a solid technique through individually chosen and personalised works. The choice of repertoire is based on the student’s interest and capacity for concreteness and development of piano technique.

Classes can be individual or group, by zoom or face-to-face. The area of expertise is from beginners to intermediate level, from 7 years of age.

My approach as a piano teacher is to work according to the personal interest of each student, linking the technical needs with the repertoire to be worked on. In the learning process I focus on solving difficulties gradually, taking into account the rhythm of each student and approaching these difficulties in a didactic and creative way.

Working on technique requires perseverance, but also an understanding of its elements and application. Focusing on each particular case, I progressively work on the development of piano technique, combining music and mechanism, which I consider not only complement each other but also require joint work.

Throughout my teaching work, accompaniment and pedagogical dedication, I have worked in different areas of piano technique, translating the knowledge I have acquired over 30 years of experience into teaching.

Piano Lessons Inquiries

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